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High Performance

No compromises. We will never stop improving our shoes alongside our team of experts, designers, and customers. (There's a reason we have over 2000 5-star reviews!)

  • Proprietary Insole
  • TechnologyInnovative
  • MaterialsThoughtful
  • DesignsPlanet-Friendly

Water Resistant

Balance Runner

Balance Runner


Planet Friendly



Created every year. Our Pursuit of Better means we continue to iterate and improve our shoes — from stitches to formulas.

Per Shoe


Same as an apple. Beautifully ultra lightweight, yet durable, from material choice to construction. (Based on a size37)



Our vegan leather is 61% tougher than genuine cow leather. By building out footwear for durability, we're able to extend the lifetime of our shoes.

Brand Vision

"I started Sunnystep with a mission to help people move freely and happily, starting from the most comfortable walking shoes we can make."-Ting


A traumatic postpartum spine injury changed the way I walk, stand and sit forever. The excruciating pain I had to endure on a daily basis for years taught me what’s most important in life, a healthy body so that we can pursue the life we want, and love the people we love. I created Sunnystep so that I can turn my pain into a purpose, helping people move freely and happily.

Good shoes support our feet and our bodies. The right shoes help reduce our body stress in every step and help us move better. When we move better, we live better. I invite you to walk freely and happily, one Sunnystep at a time.

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